lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

moda VIP... EL.

VIP (area for coows) collecion.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Alexander McQueen
Dior Homme
  What We Saw: Colors: chocolate, gray, black, red. Materials:cashmere, viscose, jersey. Accessories: felt hats, polished black laced shoes.
  What I Think: Kris Van Assche has managed to surprise us again.The whole collection was something that i wasn't expecting from Dior! I mean when i first saw it i was like, "Is that Dior or Calvin?" And of course it's quiet clear the reason! The collection was to minimal and simply. 4 colors as a base and and a white scene just like a canvas for the "model-colors" to dance on it! A show where nothing is out of place or more than what it should be. Thus we see figures walking fluidly on the catwalk with very large Amish style hats. The materials are thick but never heavy: pants get loose and coats longer. The models seem to dance on the catwalk, and on the final moment, a perfectly positioned touch of red.

   What We Saw: Colors: blue, green, cream, black, ocher yellow, red, bottle green, fuchsia, burgundy, orange. Patterns: floral prints, lozenges, Prince of Wales plaid and stamps related to the traditional BritishMaterials:wool, denim, jersey, tweed. Accessories:the university-style striped tie, bow tie, a scarf, bowler hat, leather backpack, hand wallet, weekend bag and the classic lace leather oxford shoes.
   What I Think: It's seems like the English style was a big inspiration not only for Sarah Burton but for Antonio Marras too, who inspired by the English mystery novel. Reading the stories of Sherlock Holmes, he is trying to find the perfect English elegance and his mixing all the class of the old "dark" London. On the catwalk we could see obstinate investigators, lords of London's countryside, British gentleman, Eton boys and bad boys of the suburbs of the City.    




Thierry Mugler 

Z Zegna